4 Bench Press Techniques and Rules Everyone Must Know

4 Bench Press Techniques and Rules Everyone Must Know

Bench Press
Bench Press

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The seat squeeze damage that USC star running back Stefan Johnson endured in 2009 was a genuine eye-opener in the wellness group and influenced us to acknowledge how essential legitimate security is. Johnson was harmed amid a normal exercise in which he was seat squeezing 275 lbs. The bar fell on his throat and caused some exceptionally hazardous wounds. Johnson needed to have crisis surgery to repair a squashed vocal line, Adam's apple and torn muscles. Specialists acknowledged his amazing survival for solid muscles in his abdominal area and neck which kept open breathing entries.

I envision I have your consideration now! This story isn't intended to frighten you - it's intended to demonstrate that you have to play it safe in light of the fact that if this can happen to a star school running back at one of the country's most touted programs, it can transpire.

1. NEVER lift without a spotter

Regardless of whether you are lifting generally lightweight, it is critical to start having a spotter give you seat press. The spotter should put the two hands immovably on the block when you live the weight off, and not discharge until the point when it is 100% clear that you have control of the seat squeeze bar. Regardless of whether you are lifting light weight for your quality level, it is anything but difficult to have a hand slip or even a shoulder/elbow give out. The seat press is a physically overwhelming activity, and a considerable measure of things can get harmed amid the development. The seat squeeze puts a great deal of weight on abdominal area joints so having a spotter around constantly is totally vital!

Another great general guideline is to know your spotter and attempt to lift with a similar individual unfailingly. On the off chance that you request that a more interesting spot you, you are taking a risk since you don't have a clue about their experience level and they don't know how much weight you're familiar with lifting.

In the event that for some reason you are seat squeezing without anyone else, make a point to do as such on a "power rack." Most exercise centers have control racks and they contain self clasping pins that catch the bar on the off chance that it happens to drop. Make a point to set the self locking pin on the power rack so it doesn't meddle with your reiterations in transit down.


I feel compelled to stretch this as much as possible. We as a whole vibe like Superman on occasion in the exercise center and figure we can push it more remote than we ever have. The lion's share of all wounds have happened when individuals are endeavoring to life more weight than they ever have some time recently. In the event that the most weight you have ever endeavored to seat press in 250 lbs., don't be the trick who endeavors to lift 285 lbs. also, winds up with a torn pectoral muscle or has the bar viciously dropped on your chest. Endeavoring to lift even 25 lbs. more on the seat press than you have ever done is physically requesting, and a great many people belittle this. In the event that you need to endeavor a one rep seat squeeze max, don't go more than 5 lbs. over your present most extreme lift at once. In the event that you finish the lift going up 5 lbs., at that point you can endeavor to lift 5 lbs. increasingly - however NEVER without a spotter.

In the event that you are endeavoring a vocation high seat squeeze, try to tell your spotter. A decent spotter should keep his hands on the bar and guide you down to ensure that you can balance out the weight. In transit up, the spotter should keep his hands on the bar without aiding - unless you require the assistance. This can keep a considerable measure of wounds, and if the bar comes slamming down on your chest since its too overwhelming, the spotter will as of now be in culminate position and can help keep terrible damage.

3. Continuously wear exercise gloves

A portion of the bars turn out to be exceptionally smooth when they are worn, and if your hands begin to sweat they can turn out to be extremely tricky. A decent match of exercise gloves will give you an iron hold on the bar, in addition to a pleasant mental lift to lift more weight also. When you are endeavoring to lift the overwhelming weight on the seat press, a great match of exercise gloves is vital. Wearing gloves is an extraordinary precaution measure to take, and ought to take out any sort of hand slippage on the bar.

4. Ensure you've extended

Set aside the opportunity to get your whole abdominal area lose before hopping on the seat. You should extend your shoulders, back, chest and legs, as these muscle bunches are engaged with the development. Numerous wounds can be stayed away from by comprehension and honing this frequently disregarded advance.

Before your next session, make sure to audit every one of the 4 of these guidelines to help keep any mischances or wounds. The seat press is intended to be a fun wellness challenge, simply try to do it securely!

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