Eating and workout

Eating and workout

The importance of timing your eating and workout

eating and workout

eating and workout

Timing your meals during the course of the day might not make a big difference when it comes to calories, but it has big implications on the way you perform while working out. Eating a lot before working out can interfere with your goals. Timing is the only key when it comes to eating before working out.
Finding the correct time to get some small meals or snacks is so important like choosing a healthy food to feed the body before, while, after working out. A trainer can help you choose a good meal schedule, including food and when to eat them, that will surely help you achieve your fitness goals/ 


You should practice eating large meals at least two to three hours before working out. If you get a small sized meal you can work out one to two hours after eating. Small snacks are fine when eaten right before or while working out. After you finish your workout you can immediately enjoy your meals.


Waiting to work out for few hours after eating a meal would help tin avoiding stomachaches. Working out immediately after eating will cause you to feel heavy and tired. Even though it is so important to eat something before you go to work out and you shouldn’t skip your meals. Passing on a meal before working out might cause you to feel weak and slows your reaction time.


Healthy carbohydrates are the best food to eat before doing any exercise. Avoid eating food that is very high in fiber and fructose right before exercising. Eating high-fiber legumes before exercising might cause you to develop uncomfortable gas, and fruit that is high in fiber and fructose might cause you to experience diarrhea after exercising.


You should avoid eating food that has high fats before training because fats take a long time to digest and can lead to stomachache while working out. Fat and protein are a very important part of any diet, but it’s more important that you feed your body healthy carbohydrates right before working out.

Expert Insight

In an article on the ABC News website, sports nutritionist, Molly Kimball, suggests developing a plan for eating and working out that suit you. Kimball claims that you’re able to eat a meal and work out immediately without experiencing stomach pain or other sicknesses. Try doing a test run by eating and then doing a moderate exercise. If you experience stomachaches, stop exercising and try again some other time.

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