best ways to easily lose weight and burn fat in seven tips

best ways to easily lose weight and burn fat in seven tips

Best ways to easily lose Weight and Gain Muscle in 7 Tips

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What are the best ways to easily lose weight and gain muscle?

This is the most common question for a trainer or a coach. Most of the people ask this question, but there is no one absolute answer to it.However, in this article I will provide the general tips that one  should  consider to achieve one’s  goals:

1. Mentally ready: 

This means if you are not ready mentally, your body will probably be unable to follow. Mental readiness is a must so that the body can accept the change needed for your health and your life in general. Most of us do not really consider the consequences unless a doctor tells us that our cholesterol, triglycerides, or blood pressure are too high you’re your being overweight has contributed to these issues and potential for increased risk of diabetes or heart problems.

2. Plan for success: 

You should have a plan to succeed, No randomness is allowed. Whether achieving fitness goals with a qualified personal trainer or training alone, you will need knowledge and a good plan to succeed. If working on your own, you will need good nutrition and fitness books or online sources to rely on. Adapt realistic approaches and stay away from fad diets and trends. These are the typical short-term solutions without long-term solutions.

It is also good to train with a qualified personal trainer. Good fitness/health coaching can really motivate you in the right direction. Lifelong education on healthy eating, proper exercise technique and weight loss management are most tips needed to achieve your goal.

3. Proper Food and fitness journals: 

the best strategy for successful weight loss and muscle gain is to record your daily progress. You can save 'before' and ‘after’ pictures and measurements, feelings of the day, daily food and water intake, as well as your workout. This strategy of recording will allow you to repeat successful weeks and show you where things didn't go quite right.

4. Progressive fitness: 

Fitness is about progress, never was it about perfection. Getting fit will require patience and continuous effort. Every step toward your goal is making a change even when we don't see it. Progressive fitness means we take it slow, keep going, and trust the process.

5. Healthy Food:
eating based on your goals will help you lose weight and gain muscles. This means the majority of our food intake will include different vegetables, fruits, leafy greens, whole grains, lean proteins, and lots of water. This nutrition lifestyle change will help us shift from unhealthy eating habits to eating a wide variety of nutrient-dense foods. By the same token, the physical demands will increase the number of calories we will gain from these foods.
 For instance, weightlifters and long distance runners body will require more fuel than an individual who takes a light aerobics class for physical activity.

6. Proper Training: 

Keep it simple and effective; your workouts don't have to be extreme. Do not over-complicate your fitness training. Make a plan and stick to it. Working out at least 4 times per week is highly recommended in order to increase muscle mass and reduce body fat. A proper workout program should include, and not exclude, the exercise that challenges our aerobic, strength, as well as balance flexibility.

7. Healthy lifestyle: 

a healthy lifestyle should always include a combination of eating right, exercise well, having adequate sleep, and balancing your daily work and play. Those who are fit and strong today were not yesterday. No one can deny the fact that losing weight and gaining muscle is just a result of living this way. Apply these tips -expect more from us- and make sure that you will achieve your ultimate goal.

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